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Forums Rule! • The best forum for all webmasters, admins, and bloggers to meet!
[Image: frad11.gif]

Forums Rule! is a new forum for webmasters, forum adminstrators, and blog owners can form a discussion together. You are able to advertise your website, blog, and/or forum, and bump your topic up every 12 hours! We also have some decent services: forum packages, site reviews, and graphics for your site. And not to mention other great things that we offer such as support, site ratings, interviews, affiliation swaps, news bulletin posts, marketing, discussion on forum and blog softwares as well as site hosting, coding discussion, and so much more. We offer pretty much everything that you need whether if you are a webmaster, forum administrator, or a blog owner. Come advertise with us!

To access the forum, just click the banner above or this link:
Good luck.
Good luck with it. You should try to make the site load faster by removing all those forum icons. Make more threads and discussions, I'm sure you'll be popular in no time.
English Exercises - Under construction
Motorbike Games
- Motorcycle games arcade.
Thanks for the generous comments. Smile
Looking good... you've got a good start, that's for sure. I also think the huge banner area above the forums is distracting and perhaps a bit much. Unless it goes away when logged in?
For about the fifth time I've clicked your banner, your site hasn't loaded once.
good u
(01-14-2011, 12:06 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: For about the fifth time I've clicked your banner, your site hasn't loaded once.

It works but I get "Warning [2] ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons - Line: 15 - File: inc/plugins/whoviewedtopic.php PHP 5.2.16 (Linux)"

What is this? Wink
Sounds like a cool site!
Sorry guys, it was a technical issue with DNS. It should be fixed now. If you guys want, you can register and advertise your forum in the 'Showcasing Your Site' section; and in return, I'll register on your forum and post a topic. Smile

If you'd like to have a post exchange with me, then I'd be glad to participate. Just nothing big!

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