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[For 1.8] MyTabs - Tabbed Forum Browsing
The #1 tabbed forum management plugin.

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd let you know that I've updated this plugin for 1.8. Screenshots are attached.

Mybb mods page -

You will need to deactivate the old install (if you have one from 1.6), and then activate this plugin. You will lose all of your current tabs in the update process.

Features list:
  • Javascript support (switch tabs automatically if you have javascript enabled), works without javascript, too (links are "?tab={$id}")
  • Customize tab templates (this is built-in using mybb's code editor, and editable via the tab settings. see attached images)
  • Users can select default tab via 'User CP'
  • Hide tab(s)
  • Order tabs (lower number = farther left)
  • Set a global default tab
  • Editing/Deleting tabs
  • Enable/Disabling (this is in the plugin, don't use mybb's activate/deactivate unless you want to risk losing your set tabs)
To-do List:
  • Fix bug with forums collapsing / redo the current process that restricts/displays tabs.
  • Recreate AJAX request system to be quicker.
  • Create option to restrict tabs to certain member groups.
  • Create "apply to all tabs" option for global tab template setup.

Feedback/Suggestions on this project will be appreciated.

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I develop plugins.
Not to criticize your work, but hasn't this already been done by labrocca? Given his is for paid subscribers but still.
Yes, but his makes template edits, and has a bunch of problems with it (if you look at the thread, you'll notice how it has over 78 pages, with the majority of the responses being problems).

Either way, this one will be free, and hopefully easier to use with more options.
I develop plugins.
I shall hold you to your word. Good luck with the plugin. Smile
Oh wow, tab ordering is something Labrocca had planned for his next version. He's gonna be pissed. Anyway, I'm glad you're giving this out for free, I have a lot of respect for devs that do free stuff.
Ok, completely finished with customized settings, been implementing that more with the tab layouts, etc. Going to upload pictures of the ACP settings in a bit, along with pictures of how the tabs will look.

Going to (hopefully) get the whole tab browsing done tomorrow after school (which means Beta release). I then have a 4-day break, which will allow for completion of this plugin if I don't already get it done. Leave some suggestions on more settings if you don't think there are enough (images in first post shows them all).
I develop plugins.
nice work Wink
Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile
great idea for a plugin, please keep it up Smile
Thanks for the support. Got my new phone today (droid ftw), and now going to resume working on this plugin :)
I develop plugins.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Thats great buddy. Wink

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