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3 Forum Posters Needed
Hi, I need 3 posters to make 200 posts each on a new forum that's being set up

I can pay $20 USD per 200 posts. Once that is done then I need another forum done as well

So 3 forum posters, 2 forums x 200 posts, 400 posts all up, $40 each

The forum has lots of general content including news, sports, computers, internet, technology, science, health, travel etc etc

Generally posts should be at least one sentence and you need to post and intro and use an avatar

I would prefer that you posted 50 posts to start off with to see if I am happy with the quality of your posts and content

I can pay each person a deposit of $5 via Pay Pal for the 50 initial test posts and then the other $15 once the first 200 posts are completed and then another $20 for the other forum

If interested please post in this thread or PM me
I can do the 200 forum posts for you for one forum for now. They can't all be done today but I can probably finish what I don't get done tommorow.
ok your posting seems quite good, I will give you a go on the 50 test posts, which im sure will be fine then you can do the other 150 posts. I will pm you the details in about 30 mins, please let me know your Pay Pal via pm
Ok sounds great. I will start right away for about 30 minutes until I leave.
I can do 200 for $20 as well, if this is still available.
Yes this still is. He posted this a couple minutes ago.
PM sent to Spazmatic
PM sent to Eric J.
The 3 positions have been filled
(05-06-2011, 12:33 AM)GFN Wrote: PM sent to Spazmatic
PM sent to Eric J.
The 3 positions have been filled
You sent the PM to only two users . I am also here if it is still available ! . Never mind if you get third one also.

??? Huh i need Bamboo Pad for my signature Huh
Is this still available?
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