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[Urgent] Need PSD coder
Hello, I urgently need a coder who can code a PSD to MyBB theme. I usually design and also code themes but right now my final exams going on and I am not getting any time to code themes. The coder will be paid 50% of the theme price.
If you are interested please let me know. If you have any questions please post here.

Thank You,
[Image: eyadHiR.png]
Cohen is pretty good at converting PSD to HTML.
What is the theme price? And can you PM me a preview of the theme? I might be able to do this for you.

I can do this for you as well
Im done with this crap. Bye
I can do it for you. I got the next 3 days off. I could get it done pretty quickly for you.

I'll drop you a PM.
(06-12-2011, 06:41 PM)Tierney Wrote: Cohen is pretty good at converting PSD to HTML.

Thanks for the recommendation Smile

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