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List of Confirmed Features
So we can just have one post of what's confirmed and not have a bunch of duplicated.  Please don't use this thread for suggestions.  If I do miss something though please do let me know and I'll add it.
  • The Laravel PHP framework (specifically Laravel 5.x) will be used for backend development.
  • Twig will be the template engine.
  • 2.0 will use jquery 2.x as its base JavaScript library.
  • 2.0 will include full Search Engine Friendly URLs out of the box, along with meta tags and canonicals.
  • A WYSIWYG editor will be included with the option of disabling at the admin and user levels.
  • 2.0 will feature a new, modern, responsive theme.
  • An API will be available to make integration easier.
  • Improved User CP
  • Conversation PMs
  • New Profiles
  • Mobile Functionality
  • There will be modal boxes in 2.0 as Matt wrote in this post.
  • Threaded mode will be removed.
  • Social Media Registration/Login out of the box - FB/Google/Twitter
  • Notification System
  • Page Management System
  • Easily customisable Widgets System
  • Topics/Forums/Users Following System
Off the top of my head that's all I can think of that has been said to be for sure so far.  Again, if I missed something let me know Wink(Please provide a link to the staff members post).

Other confirmed features are being posted on the MyBB Blog and in the Implemented Features forum.
4.2 The markup will be coded in HTML5.
Your kidding right? Or, did you not see the j/k?
I'm pretty sure Tomm M was saying "j/k" at making Internet Explorer sick...
Conversation PMs, a fresh User CP, new Profile, mobile functionality.

@faviouz, it is entirely satirical in nature.
*hides in shame*

Seriously? So HTML5 will not be used in MyBB 2.0?
I have no doubt that it will be used if it is necessary.
I hope the new profiles look like the ones used in MyNetwork Big Grin
(2011-07-24, 10:53 PM)lucasbytegenius Wrote: I hope the new profiles look like the ones used in MyNetwork Big Grin

Toungue Not quite, Justin's made profiles awesome, as usual.
So Mybb 2.0 ready to launch. I am right Mr. Tomm M

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