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AviationWorld - The heart of Aviation.
[Image: yv6JG.png]
Click logo for link please, the AviationWorld team.

What is the point of AviationWorld?
JeremyA, head admin says - AviationWorld is a fun place to get the headlines, and just have fun! With a fun choice of 2, new newsletters, you can get the world in just 2 minutes. As well, fun is at hand. With 13 fourms for decided to be for fun, you can enjoy Count to 10,000, Airbus vs Boeing and much more. Why not join today at . Its fun, free and all inside this fourm! Toungue
Oh no. I need Aviation News.
Willamo, adminstrator says - With Jeremy on hand to help, this fourm has gone from bad to good. With 2 newsletters (cyberFlight and NEW! World of Aviation), this is a good place to join. It started out with just him, and now, including his bot (Test), this is a good, expading fourm. Now all we need is you!

What can you get in AviationWorld?
JeremyA, head Admin comments Nothing a the moment, but we will soon offer a donation feature soon, as one of are targets been discussed with Admins, mods and and super mods. We currently offer these rewards -
  • POTW - A person who posts the most in a week.
  • Upgrade to Aviation Expert - Get the mask!

If you need to contact a admin, email
[email protected] - Jeremy's email.
So what will stop you? Join NOW!

Goals for the fourm
  • Get Aviationworld+ going - a exclusive catogory.
  • 50 posts
  • 10 members
  • Get web domain up ( any help will help)
  • Add upgrade option and donations.
  • 500 posts
  • 100 members
  • Get new facebook page up
  • Start adding rewards
  • 1500 posts
  • 500 users

1) You can have a maximum of 2 links in a showcase topic, whereas you have 3.
2) Get a domain.
3) You are still using default theme. Try change or customize it.
4) Logo is bad. Try getting a modern looking one.
1. There is only one.
2. I do not want to pay, and I am getting one.
3. New theme soon.
4. That is the most modern I am going to get.
Quote:What can you get in AviationWorld?
Nothing a the moment,

Sounds promising.
Soon to be updated though...
You can't make a more modern logo or you don't want to make a more modern logo?

That looks like a paint logo or something.
Do you want to make 1? I cant go more modern.
Guys, if I'm not mistaken, JeremyA's using a CreateMyBB forum, which CAN'T change themes. And, I have a little story for you guys.

When he first opened this forum, he ripped off my whole logo and banner. Like COMPLETELY. I had a really good banner that I made and he just cut out the title of my forum and put his in.
What more? He just ripped off half my forum descriptions!
I did not see it, it is createmybb..
Oh my god. He even ripped off the names of usergroups that are on my forum!

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