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/me thread
* Crayo can't wait for it! Smile
* Yaldaram came back from delivering 2 lectures of 2 hours each.

* Yaldaram guess euantor is doing awesomeness in his plugin.
* Euan T hopes it's awesome
* Euan T certainly thinks it is so far
* Nathan Malcolm wonders who else listened to Loud Pipes before Boxxy hit the internet.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Crayo wonders what time the demo version will be out
* Euan T is uploading a new copy of MyBB now, though this connection is very slow (about 1MB/s)
* Josh H. says "Well there goes my 30 minute upgrade window plan"
* Josh H. says check the support section
* Josh H. says that I say all of this shamelessly
* Josh H. adds Big Grin

* Josh H. says that it was my host's fault.
* Josh H. says eAccelerator wasn't compiled properly, according to a MyBB error.
PGP Key (Fingerprint: 23B6 F4C0 FE2D 45AA 61A0 1E86 DB87 09DC DD87 6E40)
* Jovan J. share this awesome photo!
Jovan J.
* wethegreenpeople likes that

* wethegreenpeople made this one after reading a comment on reddit:

* wethegreenpeople says, it's... sorta NSFW? No bewbs or anything.
* Yaldaram ask from Jovan about what's the awesomeness in this photo ?
* Yaldaram tried to read the text couple of times but didn't know the insight of those sentences.

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