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Need someone who can upgrade my MyBB forum to the latest version (Paid job)
I'am looking for someone trustworthy who can upgrade my Mybb forum from 1.6.1 to 1.6.8. I don't have time to learn and figure out how to do it myself so I need someone professional who can assure me my forum will not be tampered with and get my forum upgrade in a timely manner. Here's my story

I will pay for this service.

Here's my forum:

No problem, I'd be happy to. Sending you a PM now.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
I think that most of us know how to do it, but go with Nathan. He surely is trustworthy. Wink
Job is done.

Nathan did an amazing job! Very professional and quick.

Wow, I never seen such a high traffic forum with that theme.
It's one of the most overused, at least that I've seen.

Nice job.
It's an amazing theme but I'm looking around for a new custom one.

That only demonstrates how content is far important that any theme you use.
Did nobody notice this place has only 200 members?
I did when I saw his forum in the showcase section. But if you see the URL of the latest member, it says 5871. He surely prunes a lot of members.
I'm just saying that is a lot of activity for such few members.

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