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[For 1.6] MyFlood
Plugin Info:
Name: MyFlood
Description: A plugin which allows you to prevent flooding through new posts and new threads per usergroup.
Author: Polarbear541
Version: 1.3
Compatibility: 1.6.x
Files: 2 (1 plugin and 1 language)
Database changes: 2 (2 columns added into usergroups table)
There are no template changes in this plugin.

This plugin allows you to set a time limit between new threads/posts per usergroup. This allows you to ensure that certain usergroups cannot 'flood' the forums by creating lots of new threads or posts. You can set a 'cooling down period' between new threads and posts which means users in that usergroup will only be able to create a new thread/post every X seconds. This is similar to the inbuilt function in MyBB but allows more control over usergroups.

Install Instructions:
Install Instructions:
Upload ./inc/plugins/myflood.php to ./inc/plugins/
Upload ./inc/languages/myflood.lang.php to ./inc/languages/english/
Go to ACP > Plugins > Install & Activate
Then define the time between new threads and new posts in the 'Forums and Posts' tab when editing a usergroup.
You can also edit the settings to enable/disable parts of the system and make the system count new threads as posts. You can also add excluded forums.

Update Instructions:
Upload new files overwriting the old ones. Reinstall to add the new settings then configure to your desire. (Reinstalling will remove your existing values for thread flood protection)

Important Note: Make sure you only have either the inbuilt MyBB post flood protection or the MyFlood post flood protection enabled or you may get unexpected results. Ideally you should turn the inbuilt feature off if you are using this plugin.

Change Log:
1.0 - First Release
1.1 -
  • Added post flood controls
  • Added new settings to allow more control over plugin
  • Fixed some code to make it run nicer
  • Added install/uninstall routine
  • New name, screenies and readme
1.2 - Bugfix
1.3 - Adds excluded forums feature and adds new language variables

Future changes:
  • Make the error message nicer
  • Please suggest for other features Toungue

Bugs and Suggestions:
Thanks, Polarbear541
Sounds a handy plugin. I'll give it a try!

Thanks Polarbear! Smile
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Please do not PM me for support.

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Good work. I'll also suggest to add install/uninstall routine aswell. It'll aid you to add any thing in future like db table, column, editing or adding a new setting etc. without hassle Smile
Thanks guys Smile And Yaldaram yeah I think i'll do that ^_^. I kinda just threw this plugin together last night using examples from others as I haven't made many but I'll start to make some more soon I think Toungue
Thanks, Polarbear541
One more thing.

In the plugin, the following code;
$db->add_column("usergroups", "timebtwnthreads", "int(10) NOT NULL");

It may be rewritten like this;
if(!$db->field_exists("timebtwnthreads", "usergroups"))
   $db->add_column("usergroups", "timebtwnthreads", "int(10) NOT NULL");

This will not throw sql error incase if the column already present in the usergroups table. Smile
*notes* Toungue
Thanks again ^_^
Thanks, Polarbear541
Updated to 1.1 Smile
See the change log for more details ^_^.
Thanks, Polarbear541
Does it supports quick reply? I mean, from a quick look at it I think it does, but will it show a ajax friendly error message?
Yes it does Smile

I believe the way MyBB is coded means that if there is an error on reply then it will popup. You don't have to do any mods to make errors work with quick-reply ^_^.
Thanks, Polarbear541
Isn't there already a flood setting in mybb by default?


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