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/me thread
(2012-09-29, 01:10 AM)Paul H. Wrote: * Paul H. guesses Lo. is slightly intoxicated

* Lo. apologizes.

* Lo. needs to turn his computer off before going out...

* Lo. needs to put a skill testing question on his computer lock screen.

* Lo. doubts he could remember PEDMAS in that state.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
(2012-09-28, 07:49 PM)Paul H. Wrote: * Paul H. wonders if Tom K. is having fun cracking his bank's CAPTCHA

* Tom K. is
* Tom K. simply needs to do the recognition bit now ^_^
* Euan T just got his timetable for next week
* Euan T is super excited by "Networks and Systems Administration - Lecture", "Database Systems - Lecture", "Web Services - [Http / HTML/ CSS] Lecture" and "Artificial Intelligence Programming - Lecture"
* Odin A. thinks Euantor might be clustering all his courses around one subject.
* Odin A. thinks there should be a lecture on MyBB at Euantor's uni.

* Odin A. finally looked at the statistics for his website.
* Odin A. sees that he has over 400 SPAM registrations.
* Odin A. thinks tomorrow will be fun ...
* Euan T might just be doing that exactly Wink
* Euan T chose his courses on purpose last year
* Euan T states he has advanced java programming too
* Odin A. says A.P. Computer Science at his school is all about Java.
* Odin A. wants to take A.P. Computer Science next year.
* Odin A. didn't take Intro to Computer Science this year.
* Odin A. thinks of ways to convince the teacher (who is also the moderator of Odin's club) to let him into the class.
* Odin A. says programming the robot the club is building comes to mind ...
* Odin A. also plans to write some cool PHP stuff (when he finally dedicates time to learning how).
* Nathan Malcolm wrote this script to bypass ads.

* Nathan Malcolm has it setup on localhost so all links pass through the script first.

* Nathan Malcolm needs to use Github more.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* AJ24 is very tired.
* Alex Smith thinks Nathan should make that a chrome extension Big Grin.
* Nathan Malcolm has never wrote any browser extensions. Sad

* Nathan Malcolm might make it an online service and develop an API for people to use. Toungue
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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