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/me thread
* Tom K. wonders why Euan didnt just go to the toilet?
* Tom K. states he is allowed to at any point during his lectures Toungue
* Euan T was at the end of a row and would have to get past 5 people
* Euan T did have an extremely satisfying piss after it was over though
* Tom K. would have just been awkward and made them move Toungue
* Euan T did consider it a few times but in the end just decided to wait
* Odin A. doesn't understand why the 'MURRACAN drinking age is 21, when draft is 18, driving is 16, voting is 18 ...
* Alex Smith says because that's what we decided on for some reason.

* Alex Smith says most of us question it for the reasons you stated as well Toungue.
* JordanMussi thinks if euantor was desperate enough he would go past the 5 people in the way.
* Tom K. assumes it is because alcohol is considered dangerous as it can easily make people change in terms of behaviour.
* Tom K. states, however, you can buy a rifle at 18, and even 16 in Vermont.
* Tom K. "wtf's".....
* Alex Smith says just don't question it Toungue.

* Alex Smith doesn't think you'll ever come a reasoning that completely makes sense.
* Ben Cousins posts
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