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Not Solved Merge System Shows; 500 Internal Server Error
Not Solved

i've installed MyBB on my hosting. its working Okay, But when i installed merge system in my "forum/merge" location and placed loginconver.php file into "inc/plugins" location. its shows "500 Internal Server Error".

i've also replaced hosting to Hostgator, but its show same error on other host.

Please fix this bug, or let me know how to fix this?

i've checked my error log, nothing shows up Sad

Not Solved
Really? I was going to say to check your site error log. Ask Hostgator if they can check logs on their end. There has to be something if there's a 500 error. If there's not, then there's a bigger problem IMO.
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Josh, thanks for reply
nothing shows up in Error Log, i guess something wrong with script, because forum running but merge system show that kind of errors...

Please somebody check this and help me to figure it out?
Not Solved
I had the same issue, and I am using hostgator. If you go to your cpanel, open up "Error Log" and then copy the errors and paste them here. It has something to do with permissions, I can't recall which files I had to change.

But if you paste the error log I will assist you ~ What you could do is that you change the permissions for the whole "Merge" folder (including sub-files/folders) and remove all access for "Group" - So the numbers should be 755.
Not Solved
@SammyOsborn, you are right, i've checked 'error log' from my HostGator Cpanel, its show permission error, so i've updated 'Merge/index.php' file permission to '0644'. when i tried to reload, problem fixed...

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