Post Icon Permission Plugin

I'm looking for a plugin that allows me to choose what membergroups can use certain smilies and post icons when creating posts and threads.

I don't think there's much more I need to add to this post Big Grin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This doesn't sounds that easy. What will happen if X user can't use G smile? Will it be able to post or the smile will not be parsed?
Or the smiley could be removed from the post altogether or send an error when submitting the post saying you don't have permission to use this smiley/post icon.
This doesn't seem that hard to do, but if you want a workaround you could always set up the smilies to use mycode instead and just use the Advanced MyCode Permissions plugin, although that is somewhat inconvenient.
I was thinking that if someone would want to make this they could use the advanced MyCode permissions plugin as a template/base of some sorts.
When a post icon or smilie can't be used by your usergroup I want it so that you cannot see the icon and/ or smilie as an option, members who cannot use certain post icons and smilies can however see them when viewing a post.
Anyone able to help?
Still need help with this Smile.
Sounds rather possible and easy then, you jsut need somebody to do it :|

It is in my list if that helps, it is big list though.
I've seen many comments about it being easy, but none actually helping me do it or attempting to do it Big Grin. Thanks, I suppose if no-one else jumps in first I'll just have to wait until you're ready Smile.

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