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* Alex Smith wonders why Mark carries around a lime Toungue.

* Alex Smith finds the word filter funny sometimes.
* Ryan Loos thinks that girl sounds like a bit of a pomegranate
* s3_gunzel says that he doesn't have a girl.
* s3_gunzel says he wants a particular girl
* s3_gunzel wants what he can't have
* s3_gunzel is lonely
* s3_gunzel says "eggplant"
* Tom K. slaps Ben Cousins around a bit with a large purple trout
* Odin A. may or may not have a girl.
* Odin A. does not know.
* Odin A. says he is unsure whether they are acquaintances, friends, or if the girl sees them as a couple.
* Odin A. does not see them as a couple.
* Odin A. does not know whether to send said girl a flower for Valentine's Day or not ...

* Odin A. has had his eye on a different girl for some time.
* Odin A. has been rebuffed by said girl on each attempt.
* Odin A. is too analytical and objective for feelings/romance ...
* Odin A. says this may be his downfall.

* Odin A. doesn't know whether to go to Brown for a 2-week course this summer, or not.
* Odin A. would like to, but gets incredibly homesick at times.
* Odin A. thinks it would be a positive experience, however.
* Odin A. will deliberate about it.
* Ryan Loos doesn't know what's going on with the people in his own life, and is okay with that. :>
* Nathan Malcolm violently attacks Ryan with a floppy drive.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Odin A. elbows Nathan in the stomach.
* Odin A. then proceeds to knee Nathan in the face.
* Odin A. afterwards crushes his legs and snaps his elbows.
* Odin A. laughs as he walks away from Nathan and as blood pools around his mangled, nearly lifeless body.

* Odin A. saves Ryan.
* Odin A. practices his history presentation.
* Nathan Malcolm destroys Philadelphia.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
* Odin A. doesn't live in Philadelphia.

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