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The GTA Zone Forums
Hoolya's DNS failed to propagate. So, we switched. That kept us down for a long time.
oh, ok. Nice to see your forum back with full force..
Any idea why did the VPS NameServers didn't work back? I still have my domain with Hoolya and it has a good SEO & rank. Wink
Yeah, PMed you about that. Hope you can still use that.
I hope we can sort it out. I just want my Forum to stay on the safe side.
The enter page is really ugly and unneeded. Then finally when we arrive on the forum index, we have snow... It's safe to say I despise snow on forums. I scroll down the page and then realise there is this horrible hover effect on the trow, that's just more unneeded annoyance. If it were me I would still cut a couple sections but you haven't got too many so that's good, you also have decent amounts of content as well so that's also good. I then see the horrific shoutbox down the bottom, another feature I think is completely unneeded.

I don't see why your whole sidebar space is taken up by a twitter feed that isn't even run by you or your site. If they want to see Rockstar's tweets, they will follow them on Twitter or bookmark the page, there is no need to give all your users that unnecessary information, fill that space (if you're going to use it) with something useful.

Scrolling is laggy, which I assume is because of the snow and random trow effects. If you fix those minor issues then you have a decent forum. Good luck.
Thanks for the feedback Crayo. I'll remove the Hover effect from Trow. I've bee wanting to remove the sidebar, so I'll add links to somewhere else instead. And I'll fix the scroll lag as well.
You going to kill the snow?
I did a few changes according to your advice but I'm keeping the Snow. Removed the Shoutbox.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
the .net is not redirecting .org and .org is showing a acc suspended error

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