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LostSpot - Jaiden - 2006-06-26

This is a new blog I have made called LostSpot, built on wordpress. I will post the secrets and clues of the lost tv series and post episode rundowns. Please go to this website after each episode (or maybe the day after, if I am late posting it).
Link Removed
- Jaiden

RE: LostSpot - IMPAQ - 2006-06-26

RE: LostSpot - Kodaks - 2006-06-26

Hi Jaiden,
The showcase forum is for MyBB powered sites only. I haved removed your link in accordance with the thread IMPAQ posted.


RE: LostSpot - Jaiden - 2006-06-26

ok sorry, didn't notice that.
(Thats 2 rules broken today >.<)
- Jaiden