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[WIP] MyWiki - Simon S. - 2011-08-05

MyWiki is a plugin which I've found some time ago in my backups. I coded the plugin originally for MyBB Community (alias MyBB Runway) where I was a staff member until the activity decreased and Bob (the owner) didn't came online anymore. The front-end is (almost) ready, just the back-end must be still done. Some features are:
  • Categories
  • Attachments
  • Search
  • Version History (Versions are restoreable)
  • Version Comparsion
  • Article Discusions
  • Auto-generated Contents Box (can be disabled for short article)
  • Image Captions (MyCode)
  • Tables (MyCode)
  • Overview Page [Latest Article; Featured Article; Custom Info/Welcome Box]


The release of this plugin could take a while, because MyBB CMS has more priority and I'll start soon new own project and a project with some other awesome people.

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - faviouz - 2011-08-05

Looks really good Simon! Smile

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Dragonzsoul - 2011-08-05

look like nice impressive!

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Jordan L. - 2011-08-05

Can't wait for it to be published. Smile Always available for translating if you need me.

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Nishimi - 2011-08-05

It looks awesome, for sure! I look forward to seeing the finished product. Smile.

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Euan T - 2011-08-05

Nice work as usual Simon. Can't wait to see the final version.

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - blake - 2011-08-05

Looks great! Cant wait to download it!

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Joenn A. - 2011-08-05

Awesome Simon! Smile can't wait for it.

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Omar G. - 2011-08-05

Another excellent work for the mybb project, keep it going Simon Smile

RE: [WIP] MyWiki - Simon S. - 2011-08-06

Thanks guys!