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RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - Omar G. - 08-10-2012

When no using mod-rewrite for the site map, urls don't work in the sitemap index.


I found the problem was in file sitemap.php, this:
           $scheme = "misc.php?google_seo_sitemap={$url}&page=";

$url is not set at all. Probably $type is the one to use?

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - frostschutz - 08-10-2012

Yes, quite.

Set the scheme to misc.php?google_seo_sitemap={url} as a workaround, see if that works.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - Omar G. - 08-10-2012

It doesn't, now urls appear like this:

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - frostschutz - 08-10-2012

OK, it was worth a try. I'll fix it in the next release... change the variable name in sitemap.php until then. Smile

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - wanchope - 08-12-2012

Thanks for the mode. I think this will be important in the URL rendering.
Single URL, other things follows by # e.g and other links inside the page will be like

Google SEO follows the default URL rendering like this -

This is against Google Rule as there are many links pointing to the same topic.

Page Number in pages to give each page unique name e.g
Google SEO 1.6.3
Google SEO 1.6.3(1)
Google SEO 1.6.3(2)

Google SEO by default do the same thing Mybb does on pages
Google SEO 1.6.3
Google SEO 1.6.3
Google SEO 1.6.3

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - frostschutz - 08-12-2012

Google SEO sets a page variable you can use for the page title. You just have to put it in the template yourself. See the documentation.

As for the ?pid=123#pid123 thing, that's a feature of MyBB. It allows direct linking to individual posts, and those links keep working even if the post is moved somewhere else, merged to another thread, etc.

?pid=123 opens up the thread and page that contains the post 123; #pid123 makes the browser scroll down to that post.

Google SEO does not remove those because doing so, would break one of MyBB's features.

For Google search engine, this is not a problem at all. You can set "pid" to be an ignored parameter in the webmaster tools; Google SEO itself also sets canonical tags which tells Google the actual unique name of the thread it's currently looking at.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - wanchope - 08-12-2012

Thanks for the post title number clarification.
About the '?pid=123#pid123' it should better be #pid123

The #pid123 is enough to point the direct post on the post page. I have noticed that Google ignores only the # and any other things after it so if Google see your post as It can index two links pointing to the same thread page which is against Google policy, the indexed pages will be like
(both pointing to the same thread page)

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - frostschutz - 08-12-2012

(08-12-2012, 06:17 PM)wanchope Wrote: About the '?pid=123#pid123' it should better be #pid123

As I tried to explain, that wouldn't work. As the post could appear on a different page for everyone (due to customizable pagination setting, different post visibility for moderators, deleted posts making other posts move up to a previous page, etc. etc.).

?pid=123 is necessary to open the correct thread at the correct page
#pid123 is necessary to make the browser actually scroll down to the post

You can't remove either one, not without removing or breaking the direct link to post feature.

If you want this feature removed, that's your thing, it won't be part of this plugin.

As for Google, again, it can ignore this parameter, and Google SEO sets the canonical tag telling Google the unique name of this page. So there is no issue whatsoever with it.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - wanchope - 08-12-2012

Thanks for the answer, honestly, I will say the mybb thread link rendering is one minus to. I don't like they way it renders thread link in two different way -
thread-124271.html and thread-124271-post-898274.html .
I have found out that this linking pattern is a hardcore functionality and it cannot be changed. Why not make the link to display only thread-124271-post-898274.html .
PHPBB3 ( which belongs to 1999 IMO) has it, just one link pointing to thread e.g viewtopic.php?f=185&t=639995 and nothing more. Xenforo on has and for thread scrolling.
The nofollow meta tag can be ignored by Google as I have seen many times.
Don't know if Mybb team is taking this into consideration.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.3 - frostschutz - 08-12-2012

Quote:Xenforo on has and for thread scrolling

Sorry, but that's all smoke and mirrors, once you take a closer look at it.

my-topic/#23 looks great, but does that link still work if post #23 is moved to another thread? If posts #02-#22 are deleted and post #23 is suddenly on page 1 instead of page 3? Does it work for User A who prefers to see 5 posts per page, and at the same time for User B who prefers 50 posts per page? Or is it that Xenforo does not allow users to set custom pagination?

All these things work with MyBB; the post link keeps working as long as the post in question exists somewhere and is visible to the user. None of it works for XenForo, their links would simply break.

To avoid breakage as much as possible they'd have to work with fixed thread pagination, which involves things like leaving placeholders for deleted posts et cetera. No real good way to handle merging/splitting threads either. Less flexibility for everyone all around.

So you have problems with XenForo's solution. Which is why they're using MyBB's solution also, in quote backlinks (little up arrow symbol in quotes). Those links suddenly look like so:


Look familiar? It's exactly what MyBB does with


because you just need both to make post links really work reliably.

MyBB's thread-124271-post-898274.html certainly looks ugly and you should avoid MyBB's SEF URLs if possible; stick to showthread.php? or use this plugin if you like. Just please, stop asking for something that's broken.