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RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - zaishen - 02-28-2013

hi guys, google seo can be installed on the last version of mybb? if so.., can anyone tell me if worth to install google seo? is good?


RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - korean - 03-01-2013

Mr frostschutz why you not answer my questions? Angry
in my forum all user locations ded in online.phHuh
The problem came into existence after installing Google SEO

see Attachments:

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - brunodiaz - 03-02-2013

(02-28-2013, 04:46 PM)frostschutz Wrote:
(02-22-2013, 04:18 AM)brunodiaz Wrote: like ?bla[]=1&bla[]=2

I use it with xthreads.

I have a multiple options select filter, that sets that in GET (is possible that it doesn't do that for default, i have changed many things)

Where it said something like

foreach($query as $k=>$v)
			$querystr[] = urlencode($k)."=".urlencode($v);

I have changed to
foreach($query as $k=>$v)
						foreach($v as $value)
							$querystr[] = urlencode($k)."[]=".urlencode($value);
			       		$querystr[] = urlencode($k)."=".urlencode($v);

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - frostschutz - 03-02-2013

The problem with that code is that PHP in theory allows even more complex arrays. So the bla[]= might work for your case, but might not work for the next guy who uses foo[bar]= and may instead yield a wrong result. So a proper fix is in order, I think.

I added it to the issue tracker so I won't forget about it:

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - brunodiaz - 03-02-2013

Yes, you are right, now you say so this work just as an ad-hoc fix


RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - NiTroViouSiX - 03-02-2013

I have a problem and some questions please

Can we discuss about the best setting for the plugin ? or the default setting ?

Problems :
1- How I add the sitemap to webmaster tool ? I mean the link my sitemap to add ?

Quote: There is no sitemap.xml file

Google SEO's Sitemap is generated dynamically every time it is accessed. This means there is no file for it, similar to how there is no file for a specific thread. Instead of looking for a file on FTP, use HTTP. By default the URL to your sitemap will be yoursite/sitemap-index.xml

How can I know ?

2- I have a problem in this

Quote: If the SEO URLs appear but give you 404 errors like thread not found, thread does not exist, etc., then your Rewrite Rules do not work for some reason. Check that you have edited the .htaccess (not htaccess.txt!) correctly. Some hosts need a RewriteBase, others do not. If you are using a custom SEO URL Scheme, make sure this scheme does not have any conflicts.

all my forum links give 404 errors !!!
it include scheme
prof :

User included !!

post :

Thread included !!

and so on !
How can I edit hactess file ? PLEASE HEEEEELP !!

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - SunDi3yansyah - 03-09-2013

how to change the RewriteRule in .htaccess for URL like this?


changed so here
changed so here

thanks in advance Big Grin

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - armin3000 - 04-01-2013

I have removed and renamed some forums and threads some weeks ago but google is still crawling them and knows them as error in webmaster page.
Shouldn't google SEO update the sitemap automatically?!! How can I solve this problem?

Why I can't see any sitemap.xml in my root folder?!! Google find it but I don't know how it process the misc.php to find the sitemap file?! I wanted to check the sitemap creation date .

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - frostschutz - 04-01-2013

(04-01-2013, 09:12 AM)armin3000 Wrote: I wanted to check the sitemap creation date .

There is no such thing as a "sitemap creation date". The sitemap is created dynamically as it is accessed, so it's always up to date - the same way the forum itself works, forums and threads have no files either. There is no file because any kind of file would be outdated with every new post made, and there's no point to give Google outdated data when it chooses to visit.

For removed threads, there's nothing much you can do. If Google had them indexed, it will revisit them occasionally and find a 404 page, and eventually drop it out of its index.

For renamed threads, there should be no problem unless you renamed in a way that prevents redirect from working. This mainly happens when you change the URL scheme but don't keep the old rewrite rules in place, or if you made conflicting URL scheme changes where you can't have both working at the same time.

Renaming alone (i.e. just changing a forum name without changing the URL scheme) should not cause any kind of problem whatsoever. The URL updates the next time the forum or thread is accessed and Google SEO Redirect takes care of it properly.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - Breixo - 04-01-2013

(03-09-2013, 05:37 AM)SunDi3yansyah Wrote: how to change the RewriteRule in .htaccess for URL like this?


changed so here
changed so here

thanks in advance Big Grin

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Thanks, great plugin!