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RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - gstek - 07-16-2013

I am having Invalid forum issue on THREADS only and it came up only after changing the server.
I tried all methods suggested in this forum like rebuilding the cache, re uploading forumdisplay
looking into Htaccess, making sure google seo URL parameters is not clashing with anything.
etc etc. Not even this forum but searched all over net but nothing seems to be working for me :/

Problem came only after moving host ( control panel is still same DA )

Link :

P.S. ATM plugin is disabled to show up the threads but I get this error when I activate the plugin
and it is only and only at THREAD
This is my Htacess file like:

Quote:RewriteEngine on

# Some hosts require RewriteBase to make RewriteRules work.
RewriteBase /

# Google SEO workaround for search.php highlights:
# Make this rule the first rewrite rule in your .htaccess!
RewriteRule ^([^&]*)&(.*)$$1?$2 [L,QSA,R=301]

# Google SEO URL Users:
RewriteRule ^User-([^./]+)$ member.php?action=profile&google_seo_user=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO 404:
ErrorDocument 404 /misc.php?google_seo_error=404

# Google SEO URL Forums:
RewriteRule ^([^./]+)$ forumdisplay.php?google_seo_forum=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO Sitemap:
RewriteRule ^sitemap-([^./]+)\.xml$ misc.php?google_seo_sitemap=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Threads:
RewriteRule ^Thread-([^./]+)$ showthread.php?google_seo_thread=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Announcements:
RewriteRule ^Announcement-([^./]+)$ announcements.php?google_seo_announcement=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Calendars:
RewriteRule ^Calendar-([^./]+)$ calendar.php?google_seo_calendar=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Events:
RewriteRule ^Event-([^./]+)$ calendar.php?action=event&google_seo_event=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

I just figured out that my sitemap is stuffed up ??
Not sure if its the reason behind invalid forum and why it is happening ???


RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - gstek - 07-17-2013

ANY ONE TO REPLY HERE ???????????????????????

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - Renpt0 - 07-18-2013

What happen to plugin library?
I can't even download it, can anyone please help me out to get google seo?

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - .m. - 07-18-2013

^ plugin library is available from GitHub

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - Arka - 07-28-2013

Hi there,

quick question...
I seem to have 2 .htaccess files, one in /forum (where the forum is) and the other one in / (where the rest of the site is).
I was going to update to the latest version of the plugin and noticed that the usual error came up (short version following):

Add to .htaccess:

# Google SEO Sitemap:
RewriteRule ^sitemap\-([^./]+)\.xml$ misc.php?google_seo_sitemap=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

# Google SEO URL Forums:
RewriteRule ^Forum\-([^./]+)$ forumdisplay.php?google_seo_forum=$1 [L,QSA,NC]

but I have those strings in the .htaccess within /forum.

So, the question is: should I have them in the .htccess located in / ?

Hope I am making sense here Smile


RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - .m. - 07-28-2013

^ use the .htaccess file in the forum folder

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - frostschutz - 07-28-2013

As long as everything works you can just ignore the warning. But maybe you're missing a \ in the string, or you have an extra space in it. Google SEO wouldn't tell you to add it if it was already there exactly the way it shows it. It's not smart enough to detect if there is another rule that does the same thing.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - Arka - 07-28-2013

Hi .m. and frostschutz, thanks for your reply.

All solved... in the strings I was missing a "/". I added that in the .htaccess in the forum folder and the error went Smile

thanks a lot.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - chaz26 - 08-02-2013

des anyone now wht this means

This section allows you to activate, deactivate, and manage the plugins that you have uploaded to your forum's inc/plugins directory. To hide a plugin from view, but not lose any stored information from it, click the Deactivate link.
Warning [2] require_once(/home/arcadeha/public_html/inc/plugins/google_seo/plugin.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory - Line: 49 - File: inc/plugins/google_seo.php PHP 5.3.25 (Linux)
File Line Function
/inc/plugins/google_seo.php 49 errorHandler->error
/inc/plugins/google_seo.php 49 google_seo_info
/admin/modules/config/plugins.php 485 google_seo_info
/admin/index.php 541 require

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/arcadeha/public_html/inc/plugins/google_seo/plugin.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/arcadeha/public_html/inc/plugins/google_seo.php on line 49

RE: Google SEO 1.6.5 - frostschutz - 08-02-2013

Failed opening required '/home/arcadeha/public_html/inc/plugins/google_seo/plugin.php' means that the file is missing, i.e. you did not upload it.