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Google SEO on IIS - eduncan911 - 03-29-2014

Those of you having problems on IIS, such as Azure Web Sites (which I am running under, IIS 8), here's the web.config file you can use:

Also, to get the PLugin from screaming about the .htaccess file missing, just put the sample .htaccess file that comes with the plugin in the root of your forums. This will trick the plugin in thinking it has the .htaccess.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - eriks1805 - 04-10-2014


I am using this great mods but there is 1 problem. There is no sitemap generated.

And i see this, but is on the www version. Also in the htaccess file.

Board URL is set to '', but you currently seem to be on ''. A wrong Board URL setting may cause problems with Redirect.

Any idea?


RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - Leefish - 04-10-2014

hi Frostschutz, I had a go at using Google SEO for the site map. I added the rewrite rules and it all worked ok. I did not change the urls at all but ended up having to uninstall as the rewrite rule was breaking any XThreads attachments (numbers or files) that had an & in the file name.

Any advice on how I can fix that breaking the urls issue so I can use Google SEO for my site map?

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - frostschutz - 04-10-2014

What does that broken URL look like exactly? & and other special chars are usually avoided in filenames.

Google SEO has a & to ? rewrite (and a ? to &). This rewrite is necessary because MyBB does not build URLs dynamically, it just blindly appends ? or & without checking, so with Google SEO you might get Thread-subject&page=2 because Thread-subject is not the showthread.php?pid=15353 that MyBB's code expected at that point.

However in your case, since you don't use the URLs, you don't need it, so just remove the offending rewrite. The sitemap itself also works without rewrites (see sitemap url scheme setting), if you don't mind it having a name like misc.php?action=google_seo_sitemap or whatever instead of sitemap-index.xml.

The sitemap is dynamic, there is no file; as for the board URL, just decide on whether you want www or not, set the bburl accordingly, and add a non/www rewrite. www vs. non-www is a common issue, Google it or search it on these forums.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - Leefish - 04-10-2014

I have deactivated Google SEO while I reported it. It came back with the message "malformed string" or something like that when users tried to download a file with an ampersand.

Yes, I also avoid special characters in filenames usually, but my users are totally not tech savvy and just don't understand and think things are broken - despite huge messages in red saying do NOT use special characters. I also have all the existing files with ampersands in them so I would struggle to change things at this date.

Ok, I have no objection to the url being as you said, is there anyway I can stop Google SEO nagging me to change my htaccess?

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - frostschutz - 04-10-2014

(04-10-2014, 12:30 PM)Leefish Wrote: but my users are totally not tech savvy

They're not supposed to be. This problem is supposed to be solved server-side. Google SEO can't really help to use this hack (would require code changes to MyBB), so if possible XThreads would have to produce "safe" URLs somehow.

Quote:is there anyway I can stop Google SEO nagging me to change my htaccess

It shouldn't nag you if it's set to not use rewrites (at all / for sitemap).

You could cheat and put the line in .htaccess where it doesn't have any effect (in an <If block), but that's weird.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - maat - 04-29-2014

i have used this wonderful plugin with 1.6.10 without problems.

After upgrade to 1.6.13 i have some issue in quoting and in all links with "pid" reference. For example if i quote a message without "pid" it work.

I have an error message like this:
[Image: 30bfrqr.jpg]

If i try to refresh the page with that error i have another message:
Too large for php post_max_size directive

I reverted the changes to core files so now my board working correct but obviously i lost the links rewriting.

Can you help me? I love this plugin Smile

I translate the text in image:

No data received

Web page impossible to load because server don't forward data.

Reload this web page
Push button Reload to send again necessary data to load page.


RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - frostschutz - 04-30-2014

Well, it works here, and I don't remember seeing a change in MyBB that could cause such an issue.
So my guess is it's not the plugin but something else I can't help you with.

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - maat - 04-30-2014

Thank you for the response,
i have this issue only if i click to apply changes to core files, what i can check? .htaccess?

Thanks again

it make me crazy, i try all time but every time i apply core change for link rewrite i lose the quote capability

RE: Google SEO 1.6.6 - werk_ag - 05-01-2014

I'm very new with MyBB, so I can't give you a more specific help. This reply is only to confirm that in my site the plugin is working well after the upgrade, and I don't have the issue reported by you. Perhaps your problem is not the plugin.