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Looking for affiliates/link exchange - Richard - 2011-08-11

I'm looking for well established forums to conduct link exchanges/affiliate with.

This will be accomplished by using the Forum Affiliate Manager plugin.

The author provides a PSD so it should be simple if you're not great at affiliate images (like me!)

Your forum/website must be:
  • Established for over 6 months.
  • Has regular members coming back.
  • Reasonable amount of content.
  • Has a future.
  • Willing to take a screenshot of Google Analytics statistics (Or AWStats) - or any other website traffic analyzer.

My website is MapleTalk. We provide resources, help, and tutorials on how to create a 2D MMORPG. Our members have made over 25,000 posts and we receive many hits daily.

If you're interested please reply (or PM) with your website, forum statistics, Google Analytics (and/or AWStats) screenshot.
I may consider accepting forums that aren't older then 6 months if the activity and content outweighs it.