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Form Manager + Page Manager? - Casperwolf - 2011-08-13

Hi there, I am trying to make something specific for my site. Basically I was wondering if there was a way to make Form Manager submit to a created custom page from Page Manager? What I am trying to do is make a form where people can input their character information for a character they want people to be able to adopt. Basically Person A wants to put their character up for adoption, they fill out a form and it would appear on an already created page where others have put theirs up.

Character 1
Character 2
Person A's character

Kind of like how posts are made in forums but different. I have an example, but it's from a different site, and it runs a different system. a screenie of the form a screenie of how the form submits onto a different page.

This is what I am trying to accomplish. If it's not possible with form manager, can someone else point me in the direction of how to do this?

RE: Form Manager + Page Manager? - Solidus - 2011-08-13

You can do this with xthreads,

Create additional thread fields and templates to make it look however you like.
Browse the xthreads section, maybe you'll find something you like,

I know it's not what you asked for, but it's an alternative if your request isn't fulfilled.

RE: Form Manager + Page Manager? - Casperwolf - 2011-08-13

Thanks, I'll see if anyone else can find anything a little more like what I am looking for, but I'll also tinker with this anyways <3

RE: Form Manager + Page Manager? - Casperwolf - 2011-08-14


RE: Form Manager + Page Manager? - Casperwolf - 2011-08-22


RE: Form Manager + Page Manager? - Omar G. - 2011-08-22

There is a "Form Manager" plugin at mybbsoerce.

But xThread may be what you need.