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Register Error - Hora - 2011-08-13

when some one tray register its says

Please correct the following errors before continuing:

* Invalid action!

Forum link :

RE: Register Error - ranjani - 2011-08-13

do you have Registration Security Question plug-in installed ? it might not be enabled for all the themes ...

RE: Register Error - Hora - 2011-08-13

Yes How can i enable it for all themes ???

RE: Register Error - ranjani - 2011-08-13

first check if you have updated version of the plugin - if not then update it to the latest version

- Deactivate old version of the plugin from admincp
- Upload the files of the new version overwriting the old version files
- Activate the plugin from admincp
- Verify that the plugin has been updated by checking the version displayed

the issue should resolve as you reactivate it .

if you already have the latest version of the plugin then the above error should not
come YET you can deactivate AND re-activate it for all themes to make it work again

RE: Register Error - Hora - 2011-08-13

Thanx ranjani solved Smile