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Lottery System? - Dead Soulâ„¢ - 2011-08-22

Is there any lottery system which will make it possible to do so users get a PM when they win. Also the admin should get a PM.

Also, it should be possible for me (admin) to do so it shows a new message + PM (if won) each time.

Maximum tickets to buy.

Pay for tickets by NewPoints.

Choose number of winers.

Example Week 1:
Win the newest Fall Out Game!
This week you can win the newest Fall Out Game, Worth $30. There will be 5 winners.
PM to user - admin:
Congratulations {username}, you just won the newest Fall Out Game, woth $30. You will be contacted by our administrators in 24 hours.

Example Week 2:
Win the one year VIP membership.
And so on.. Big Grin
PM to user and admin:
Congratulations {username}, you just won something..

Is this possible?
Or something like this?

RE: Lottery System? - faviouz - 2011-08-22

Check out Newpoint's Lottery addon:

RE: Lottery System? - Dead Soulâ„¢ - 2011-08-23

Is it possible to do so their get a PM instead of the pot?