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Marketplace/Action plugin? - Dead Soulâ„¢ - 2011-08-23

Is there any plugin which will make it possible to do so users can buy/sell/trade things on the forum.

Also actions would be a nice features.

Users should be able to add funds to their account. And when their want to get money back to their card they should be able to request a payout.

Any ideas for something like this?

Also, is it possible to make a system which can check if the users paypal, moneybokers and others, if their have a vertified account.

RE: Marketplace/Action plugin? - Everett777 - 2011-08-23

A Mod To NewPoints Will Do.

RE: Marketplace/Action plugin? - Dead Soulâ„¢ - 2011-08-23

Have the NewPoints mod been made?