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Expand/collapse not working in Thank You/Like System (1.4) - marlin901 - 2011-08-24

I apologize if I'm not following the correct protocol, but I did search the 30+ page Thank You/Like thread for my issue and it's not posted there, nor does it show up if I search the whole forum for "expand/collapse" issues.

My problem is this:
I'm the admin on this board and I've installed the Thank You/Like plugin (1.4). None of the Thank You/Like code in the postbit or postbit_classic templates by default, so per G33K's support forum, I added what needs to be added in those templates.

The expand/collapse item that displays "x users like author's post" appears correctly, but the expand/collapse button doesn't work. When I click the + button to expand it, it just refreshes the page I'm on and goes to the top. I followed the instructions for the postbit templates and I didn't change any of the thankyoulike_ templates that are under Global Templates.

Here it is on the forum appearing correctly:
[Image: Jkg1Z.png]

However, no go on the button working. I even had a friend on a similar forum send me a text file of his postbit and postbit_classic templates and they're basically identical (only difference is I moved the Like button to the far right). I tested it with his templates (which work on his forum) and it still does the same thing on my forum. Because of this, I just reverted back to the ones I was using (which, again, are basically the same).

If it helps, we're both using themes based on Afresh and I'm running MyBB 1.6.4. Here are the plugins my board uses just in case one of them maybe conflicts with the expand/collapse functionality of Thank You/Like.

*note: other expand/collapse functionality works, for example in User CP

Plugins currently installed:
MyBB GoMobile (1.0 Beta 4)
Let Me Google (1.0)
MyTube (1.0)
Registration Security Question (1.2)
SR MyBB Coder (1.5.0)
Thank You/Like System (1.4)
Thread Tooltip Preview (1.32)

I attached text files of the following templates for troubleshooting:
postbit & postbit_classic (Afresh-based theme templates)
thankyoulike_expcollapse (Global)
I have G33K looking into it, so it's probably going to be resolved today. Once it is, this thread can be closed.
Resolved/can be closed.