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JDM Florida Scene - ll jdmeg222 ll - 2006-07-01

Check it out. I lost count of how many mods i have but it is heavily moded. Cant wait for the shop mod to come out so i can give my users with the cash mod rewards.

RE: JDM Florida Scene - ll jdmeg222 ll - 2006-07-02

I have actually created a script at the top of my forum for navigation. Its really easy to install and makes for a good presentation.

RE: JDM Florida Scene - IMPAQ - 2006-07-03

Nicely done. Love the use of the script.

I also can't wait for a shop mod to come along. Looks like nobody's willing to take a stab at it. Maybe they will after 1.2.

RE: JDM Florida Scene - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-07-03

I've made a Shop mod, but it's primarily for Gaming boards.

If you'd like, feel free to edit it so it will fit with your boards. You can't re-distribute it.

Edit the Plug-In and the Code Modifications to fit your boards as much as you want, but, again, don't redistribute it, please. Smile

It comes with a Money System in the pack. Someday I will make it compatible with descwaqxz's Cash Mod.

RE: JDM Florida Scene - Azerty - 2006-07-03

Hm, your site looks good. Great job.

RE: JDM Florida Scene - zaher1988 - 2006-07-03

Gr8 Gr8 !! but modify the navigation icons !!

RE:  JDM Florida Scene - ll jdmeg222 ll - 2006-07-15

zaher1988 Wrote:Gr8 Gr8 !! but modify the navigation icons !!

You mean at the top of the forum where it says "Memberlist"...etc?