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Hiring MyBB representative - Audentio - 2011-08-26

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a MyBB representative who has the following experience:
  • Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of the library jQuery
  • CSS/Standard HTML knowledge
  • People skills, and can work in a team
Whoever this is will work to update Audentio Design's MyBB themes as well as promote here at MyBB and elsewhere on the forum.

You will earn around $10/hr per update that you provide, have access to exclusive Audentio Design resources such as our icon GDK, our editor GDK, and much more. If $10/hr is too hard to keep track of, we can do it on a per job basis.

Our most needed job currently is updating our MyBB themes, but I am also looking to buy new stock themes. There are plenty of opportunities.

If you are interested, please contact me or send me a private message here at Please include a working portfolio, your name, age, country, time zone, and any other information you'd like. Serious inquiries only.

Mike Creuzer

RE: Hiring MyBB representative - Audentio - 2011-08-27

Also, we will be doing commission for themes sold too Smile. And, if you have applied or been on the team before and have more time now, feel free to reapply.

RE: Hiring MyBB representative - Joenn A. - 2011-08-28

Can be join if only have CSS/Standard HTML knowledge?