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PluginLibrary (4) errer - Muhammad Junaid Anwer - 2011-08-27

I try to install plugin liabrary but show this {The selected plugin does not have to be activated.}

Google SEO (1.6.1) is active but it show {404, Meta, Redirect, Sitemap and URL are disabled. (Configure) }

please tell me how i fix these errors?

RE: PluginLibrary (4) errer - Euan T - 2011-08-27

You don't have to activate Plugin Library. If you'd read the documentation - or even the error, you'd know that.

As for the Google SEO issue, it simply means you haven't turned any of the Google SEO features on. Click on the Configure link.

RE: PluginLibrary (4) errer - Muhammad Junaid Anwer - 2011-08-27

Google SEO (1.6.1)

I don’t know about all setting
Please tell me which setting is best with your point of view

1)Google SEO 404 (yes no)

2)Google SEO Meta (yes no)

3)Google SEO Redirect (yes no)

4)Google SEO Sitemap (yes no)

5)Enable Google SEO URLs (yes no)

6)404 widget (yes no)

Yes, including URI

7) Debug 404 error labels (yes no)

8) Meta description (200)

9) Canonical Page (yes no)

10) Add tags to Archive (yes no)

11) Provide page number for forum and thread titles(- {page} {number})