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Selling another plugin - Paul H. - 2011-09-03

I am selling a plugin I made for the moderation system.

Details will be given if I receive a serious offer..

I am selling it for Best Offer.

You have the rights to:
Sole Redistribution Rights
Modify and Redistribute
Modify Plugin Website

You may not:
Modify plugin author
Modify plugin author website

PM for details.

RE: Selling another plugin - Nelson Noa - 2011-09-03

How do you plan on selling a plugin and not tell what it does?

RE: Selling another plugin - Paul H. - 2011-09-03

You PM me and I see if you are could be a serious buyer. Then I tell you what it does.

RE: Selling another plugin - Omar G. - 2011-09-03

At least give a clue, just my opinion.

RE: Selling another plugin - Frank.Barry - 2011-09-03

Have you sold this already? Because I've seen it for free on another forum.

RE: Selling another plugin - Scoutie44 - 2011-09-03

"contact me if you're serious about learning about a plugin i'm selling but won't give information to you otherwise"


RE: Selling another plugin - Lo. - 2011-09-03


No really, what the hell is it? I could buy it, but i wouldn't buy a house on ebay if i didn't see take a tour. Pictures lies.

RE: Selling another plugin - Paul H. - 2011-09-04

Lol, ok.

Whenever a moderation action is performed on a post/thread, the user who posted the post/thread receives a PM saying what happened (approved, unapproved, deleted, moved, split, merged, etc).

I see $50 is a bit high, so I'll go with the best offer.

MyBBSource was going to buy this from me but Nickman hasn't responded to my PM's there in two weeks.

RE: Selling another plugin - fizz - 2011-09-04

I bet he's made something that exists already or ripped it from another forum or plugin or something and doesn't want to post it publicly for fear of being ridiculed. Or fear of losing potential buyers when they see that his plugin already exists for free or something...

EDIT: after seeing above post...really $50 for a plugin that took probably 20 minutes? C'mon...

RE: Selling another plugin - Paul H. - 2011-09-04

(The plugin was requested here: )