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Game Section Plugin - Toon World - 2011-09-06

I've downloaded all the files for the latest version of the Game Section. But when I try to go to the Game Section, this comes up:

500 Error
An internal server error has occurred. Please try your request again momentarily.
File or directory permissions are set too high: Files should be 0644, directories 0755.
Problem with your .htaccess file.
A syntax error in a CGI script.

Im not sure if its the Hosting Company (x10hosting) or something with the files. I replaced to .htaccess file already from a new copy of MyBB. Anyone know what the problem is?

RE: Game Section Plugin - faviouz - 2011-09-06

Make sure you uploaded all the files and that they're properly CHMOD.

If that doesn't work, then it's an issue with your web host.

RE: Game Section Plugin - Toon World - 2011-09-06

I contacted the hosting company. Waiting for a reply.