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Is this ok to do? - tizdaz - 2011-09-08

Guys i want to remove the footer from my page but doing this wuld remove the MyBB link, but would this be ok instead (see pic)?

my url:

RE: Is this ok to do? - pyridine - 2011-09-08

If want to receive support in the future you cannot remove the link.

RE: Is this ok to do? - tizdaz - 2011-09-08

im not

check the image

im just want to remove footer because i cant get the text aligned in it. If you look at image the link will still be at the bottom of my forum
jus looked it up & its ok:

"The following shows the minimum line we must find on your forum in order for support to be provided. Note there must be a link to Images that display the above are allowed, so long as they are linked to"

so i will still have the link on my forum Smile

RE: Is this ok to do? - faviouz - 2011-09-08

Link to instead, is the old domain. It works either way since it's redirected, but why not keep the link up to date? Anyway, what you're doing is fine. However, you're missing Justin's theme copyright, which I'm pretty sure he won't like.