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+----- Thread: Redesigned by FeeferGross (/thread-10400.html) Redesigned by FeeferGross - z6joker9 - 2006-07-08 has now been redesigned by FeeferGross ( The forum and topsite's directory are complete, and we are working on the gallery (coppermine) next.

Background- is the largest exclusily Nintendo Wii forum, with news (look for an improved delivery method soon), a topsites directory, gallery, clan hosting, friend code exchange (coming soon), and much more!

RE: Redesigned by FeeferGross - Alphonse - 2006-07-08

wow a lot of people are making wii site lately, anyway the site look nice.

RE: Redesigned by FeeferGross - WiiFreak - 2006-08-02

Ya a lot of ppl.. But this one is good...