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Automatically Activation - marshmallow23 - 09-16-2011

i want to ask some question..
when a user register on my forum they did not get any email for the the admin (me) have to active them
is there any way to active automically ??

RE: Automatically Activation - dragonexpert - 09-16-2011

ACP->Config->settings->user Registeration and Profile Options
click the instant activation under registration method.

RE: Automatically Activation - Yush - 10-19-2011

By this method I got spammers in my site.
Can any temme wat's d problem here why the members those r rgistering on forum r nt getting email ?

RE: Automatically Activation - Paul H. - 10-19-2011

Go to ACP>Configuration>Mail Settings and choose SMTP mail. Fill in your email and password, etc. Using php mail() often causes the emails to be sent to your junk mail folder.