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RE: Like vbulletin 3 - wildteen88 - 2004-12-18

If you want myBB to look like VB the style it yourself! I like this current them! Ist got a bit of phpbb, VB and IPB charcteristics!

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - Ryan Ashbrook - 2005-01-10

Quote:Ist got a bit of phpbb, VB and IPB charcteristics!

No, it's got more of a sense of uniqueness rather than looking like another product.

And one template mod I plan on making is the Top Level Postbit rather than the left.

And, btw, although I work for MyBB I still like my vBulletin, so it's still not cool to diss other products just because you like ours so much.

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - dragon - 2005-01-28

mybb seems to me to be a lot like vb in some ways..

but that IMO is a good thing its got great features and an even better price, i hope MYBB always stays free Big Grin

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - Keith - 2005-01-29

for fun I created awhile back a way for users to decide how the posts should look .. vB3 or normal style ..

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - PheonixWarrior - 2005-01-31

LOL, I'm NOT paying $160 for a Message Board software when I can get one for free. That's just a pure waste of money.

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - Cory - 2005-01-31

Hey Keith, your board is closed but your reason isn't stated, do this quick fix to do so:
error($lang->error_boardclosed . "<br /><blockquote>" . nl2br($settings['boardclosed_reason']) . "</blockquote>");

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - Keith - 2005-01-31

oops forgot to open it back up when we did our server move. Big Grin

and thanks for the fix for next time Smile

RE: Like vbulletin 3 - PheonixWarrior - 2005-02-03

Keith: How do you do that with the vB look thing?

I want to try it out and see if my users like it Big Grin.