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Help - chief1 - 2011-10-14

Jason L built theme 8e which is just about exactly what I was looking for in a "look" for my forum. My previous experience with websites is iWeb. I know that's extremely weak, but it is what it is, so I need some help. Not a lot as the theme is close and I just need to add some details like my logo and a few others.
I am neither a complete neophyte nor am I stupid, but the instructions I have found don't work for me and it is frying my lobes with frustration! So where can I get some simple help? I catch on fast, so what do I do, contact Jason L? How?
I know Jason et al put a ton of time in on these projects and using the themes seems a way to show our appreciation. Maybe I could kick a few bucks toward some helpful soul, we'll see. I need to get past this log jam and into building a forum population.
Any thoughts? Please advise.

RE: Help - ranjani - 2011-10-14

let us know the issues need to be fixed ...

RE: Help - chief1 - 2011-10-14

(2011-10-14, 04:17 AM)ranjani Wrote: let us know the issues need to be fixed ...

Thanks for quick reply, ranjani.
Header graphics change will keep me off the bridge. From there more tweaks will appear as I start to use it.

RE: Help - ranjani - 2011-10-14

can we have your forum URL ? can the guests see 8e theme on the forum ?

RE: Help - chief1 - 2011-10-14
Can you see 8e?

RE: Help - ranjani - 2011-10-14

^ the logo is coded in header template
admin panel --> templates --> 8e templates --> header templates --> header

logo is just set as "8e" AND you can change it to a image or your required word / phrase