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Adjustment - badger413 - 2011-10-15

I have uploaded this theme successfully but when I come to view it on my website the page is off. here are some screen shots


How do I fix the sides?

RE: Adjustment - ranjani - 2011-10-16

which theme you have used (give its link) ; forum URL please ... do you want to use complete
width for forums ? if guests can't see that theme on forums then provide a test user account

RE: Adjustment - badger413 - 2011-10-16

on the far right side of the forum it sticks out a lot and I would like to fix it to make it inside the forum the only pages that look like that are the main index and the thread views.

RE: Adjustment - patrick - 2011-10-16

your problem is the with of .footero

.footero {
width: 940px;

fixed it

RE: Adjustment - kavin - 2011-10-16

And find tborder

Change width to 960px and margin-left to 0

RE: Adjustment - badger413 - 2011-10-16

I did both those things you guys told me to do and nothing worked. any other suggestions

RE: Adjustment - kavin - 2011-10-17

Are you sure you changed it in ACP -> templates & Styles -> Your theme -> global.css ?

Because when i see your code in Firebug, nothing seems to have changed.

RE: Adjustment - badger413 - 2011-10-17

kavin - I have done it again and it was successful on certain things. Having problems again...

1. When I click on my SEARCH, MEMBERS LIST, CALENDAR, HELP etc. links the footer area i notice the width has gone shorter.

2. When I click on register its way off.

3. when I click on a username to view their profile its way off.

4. when I click on FORUM TEAM and FORUM STATISTICS the footer are (width) is short.

5. the log-in page is off and the width of the footer is also short.

I really do appreciate your help and hope you can help me with these other error problems in the forum. Thanks so much in advance!

RE: Adjustment - badger413 - 2011-10-18

everything has been fixed!