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plz help urgent - [email protected]$H.MoNeY - 2011-11-01


im new in mybb world i create my own mybb site, i dont have P.C i create my own site via mobile.

Plz tell me how to install/upld mybb v1.6.4 in my site an protect with hackers, also give me tips an tricks for mybb system how to design a site, also if possible tell me in Hindi Big Grin

sorry for creating thread

Thank You.

RE: plz help urgent - ranjani - 2011-11-01

may be its better to hire someone experienced ...

RE: plz help urgent - kavin - 2011-11-01

Or you can learn from MyBB wiki.

RE: plz help urgent - Crystal31 - 2011-11-01

PM me if you still need help Smile and the site mentioned above is useful! ^^