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Pages: 1 2 - the MyBB Resource & Blog - J:H - 2006-07-23

This is a new project of mine i am working on

As you might of guessed from the name its is a blog for mybb, With the difference that all members of the blog can add topics and posts. e.g. if you have released a theme you can show it off on the blog.

Please have a look and register hopefully i would like to create a great resource for mybb Smile
Need staff for the project......

* 1 Admin ( Forums & Blog )
* 2 Moderators ( Forums )
* Writers for the blog
* Members for the forum

Please PM me here or on

RE: - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-07-24

I like your site, very professional looking. Smile

RE: - J:H - 2006-07-24

Thanks i would like to see you on there Smile

RE: - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-07-24

I've just registered.

I'll try and help out... or something. Toungue

RE: - J:H - 2006-07-24

Smile would you be interest in an admin job??

RE: - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-07-24

PM at your site sent.

RE: - J:H - 2006-07-24

Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:PM at your site sent.

PM replied and admin rights given Smile

RE: - Ryan Gordon - 2006-07-24

Very good idea! I've signed up. Perhaps I could be a writer?

RE: - J:H - 2006-07-24

Sure just go to ....

and you will automatically be able to post on the blog Smile Look forward to seeing some of your stuff

RE: - wolfden - 2006-07-25

hmmmm server must be down, can't get to it