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User Profile Help - Orpheus - 2011-11-16

Well, actually i'm making a forum with mybb 1.6.4, all the forum is good, well... good for me xD.... but... I hate the design of the user profile, I follow a tutorial for change the profile by one that's look like vBulletin, I like it, but not at all, actually it's look like this:

[Image: profileugly.png]
(Yeah... that ugly!)

And, I wanna build it like this:

[Image: profilelq8gl.png]

The position of the avatar, nick, the blocks at the right, the tabs (I already have the plugins for the coments, buddys, albums and all), well, it's a vBulletin profile, and I want that my profile looks like that or at least something like that (if it posible change the last visit plugin for one that can count the visit) yeah, I know, it's a BIG WORK to do that but I have no more choice than get help.

Thank You all, i swear that i can made it with you're help (If you want i can make you an account as Administrator to edit the templates.)

PD: Sorry for my English, it's too bad (i think)

RE: User Profile Help - ranjani - 2011-11-16

OFF TOPIC : it happens to be a paid work unless an expert volunteers / helps with the code adjustments ...

RE: User Profile Help - Orpheus - 2011-11-16

┬┐Paid Work?... I dont have the money for a paid work... i hope that somebody can help me like volunteer