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Nintendo Wii Forum - EGS - 2006-07-25

Come discuss Nintendo and its upcoming console, the Nintendo Wii with me! Smile

I'd appreciate your help in starting out the forum. Big Grin
I customized the skin myself thanks to MyBB's simplicity within the admin cp. Wink

Thanks - I love all of you who decide to register and make a post or hold a discussion with me! Smile

RE: Nintendo Wii Forum - wolfden - 2006-07-25

Like the colors, not much to say about Nintendo tho lol

RE: Nintendo Wii Forum - EGS - 2006-07-30

Who wants to register and make a few posts.. Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

RE: Nintendo Wii Forum - WiiFreak - 2006-08-02

I Would Reccommend or