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Hi - nir - 11-24-2004

My name is Nir and I am from Israel.
I whant to cirulate this systam in Israel.
Can I?

Please connent whit my
e-mail: [email protected]
icq #: 4095254
msn messenger: [email protected]

Thank you


RE: Hi - Chris Boulton - 11-24-2004

By translating it in to Israel, you mean hebrew right?

If so, please see the following threads: <-- someone has completed a translation


RE: Hi - nir - 11-24-2004

yes, you right but I feind of Benny and he gave me to translate the "MyBB" .
Before long time my freind "Shahar" asking on the translate and you gave him to translate "mybb" to hebrew .
He translate mybb with me now .

RE: Hi - Shahar1 - 11-24-2004

Hello Chris, now i translate "MyBB" with nir and we srtart to working on the hebrew language :]

in the end of the translate in buy a domain : "" .

if u want to see what we doing send me a privet message and i show u the project ;]

RE: Hi - nir - 11-26-2004

SO.... We can?

RE: Hi - k776 - 11-26-2004

yip, you should be able to but there are two rules:

1) You cannot call yourself, your translation or the site ( official. You must say "un-official".

2) You can only re-distribute the language files. You cannot give out the entire myBB system from you site. People must download from here.

RE: Hi - nir - 11-26-2004

I don't understand you...
I can't give out to download all the system in Hebrew jest the language files??

RE: RE: Hi - nir - 11-26-2004

nir Wrote:I don't understand you...
I can't give out to download all the system in Hebrew jest the language files??

I can't give jest the language files because in Hebrew all the skin is different.
Do you understand me?

RE: Hi - Chris Boulton - 11-26-2004

You can redistribute a new skin (called a mybb theme file which can be exported in the Theme manager), you can redistribute language packs. You cannot distribute the whole MyBB package from your website.

Also, you can't call yourselves official, but you don't have to place the words unoffical anywhere, simply call your site or something similar.

RE: Hi - nir - 11-26-2004

I can't do what or are doing?
They giving the all package.