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Trilhos4x4 - CrazyPinguim - 2011-12-08

[Image: screen.png]

Welcome MyBB-Fans,

I present to you my new forum Trilhos4x4.
Is a great forum for all the 4x4 fans in Portugal.
I hope you enjoy the forum! Please leave a review of the site, and point out some things we can do better!

From Portugal with love

RE: Trilhos4x4 - kavin - 2011-12-08

Too much empty forums. Try reducing number of Forums and fill the rest with content.

RE: Trilhos4x4 - Jerlene - 2011-12-10

It's alright. I've seen the template used on way too many forums though.

RE: Trilhos4x4 - José F. - 2011-12-11

Good luck.

Aconselho-te a tirares a publicidade nos primeiros tempos.

RE: Trilhos4x4 - CrazyPinguim - 2012-01-04

Thanks for your opinions

Irreligious, o antigo fórum já tinha pub, por isso, mantive.