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Soul Society Guild Forums. - mufar - 2006-07-31

just like to say, this forum software is incredible for free. I been playing around a little, and manages to achieve a much different look. I still need to work on banner and the "Search/MemberList/Calendar/Help" buttons. But still. Lemme know what you think. Its my website for upcomming online Gaming Guild. Planning on playing CabalOnline[US] Wink

RE: Soul Society Guild Forums. - SnakEyez - 2006-07-31

That is a nice slick theme. Clean-cut, yet very professional in nature. Keep up the good work and finish off those other buttons and add a nice logo. I think it would look beautiful by the end.

RE: Soul Society Guild Forums. - spaceinvaders - 2006-08-02

It looks sweet, Bleach ^^. Registered on your forums ;D.

RE: Soul Society Guild Forums. - xiaozhu - 2006-08-02

I like the top part of the background used in your forum!