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Quote Notice - pavemen - 2012-01-02

Name: Quote Notice v1.1
New Files: 3
New Folders: 1
DB Changes: 1 field in users table
Templates: 1 new, 1 edit
Compatibility: 1.6.x
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical ShareAlike 3.0
License Website:
Version 1.1
Deactivate, upload, activate

version 1.0
No upgrade required, initial public release

Change Log:
version 1.1:
Fixed missing settings check
Fixed php short open tag some servers are not configured for

Version 1.0:
Initial public release


Quote Notice provides a new User Option for users to request PM noticed when they are quoted in a new post or thread. It does NOT notify on nested quotes (as the user was likely notified on the original quote), nor does it run on edited posts.

The PM notice is provided in the user's selected language, if the translation is provided/available. The notice is customized to the quoted user (by providing their username), the name of the person quoting and a link to the new post/thread.

ACP Settings included to enable the feature and to specify the UID of the PM Notice sender

This only works when the built-in multi-quote or reply with quote options are used, or when the quote tag is in the MyBB long forms e.g.

[quote='<username>' pid='<pid>' dateline='<dateline>']

Possible TODO list
  • Modify code to honor ignore list
  • Modify code to honor group permissions for PM system

RE: Quote Notice - Solidus - 2012-01-02

Waiting for this to become available, sounds very useful.

RE: Quote Notice - pavemen - 2012-01-02

Its approved now.

edit: sorry about the link to the mods site, I put an underscore instead of a dash. The link is valid now.

RE: Quote Notice - Solidus - 2012-01-02

Ah, your link is incorrect.
It's quote-notice not quote_notice.

RE: Quote Notice - pavemen - 2012-01-02

ninja'd haha

RE: Quote Notice - Solidus - 2012-01-02

Uh oh.

[Image: syDGb.png]

RE: Quote Notice - pavemen - 2012-01-02

odd, its working fine on my production site.

can you check the usercp_options template and look for {$quote_notice_usercp}

RE: Quote Notice - Paul H. - 2012-01-02

(2012-01-02, 11:24 PM)Solidus Wrote: Uh oh.

[Image: syDGb.png]

Works for me on localhost...

RE: Quote Notice - Solidus - 2012-01-02

It wasn't there, I added it, no change.

RE: Quote Notice - pavemen - 2012-01-02

I found a bug so I will be uploading a new version here shortly. I had removed a settings check for testing and did not put it back.

But I will wait to hear what Solidus's issue is and fix that if its a problem as my end.