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Dark/Gaming Theme! - JesseKB - 2006-08-07

Hey, im Looking for a theme, it doesnt have to be dark, but if itsnt dark id like it to be really sleek.
My site is about gaming, i have a new domain name.
So yer, im just looking for a nice theme for MyBB.

Is there a site where i can find themes?

Thanks, Jesse Graham!

EDIT: i didnt provide much information...

OK! so it can have game characters on it, or not. im not looking for anything specific just a nice theme. oh and can it be free? i havnt a way to pay on the internet, im 14.

RE: Dar/Gaming Theme! - Ryan Loos - 2006-08-07

You can edit the forum colours from within the Admin CP and create your own images that the forums display using this handy link:
That way you can get a but more understanding of the super cool ways that MyBB works and maybe edit some other things you like, and get exactly what you want. Smile

RE: Dark/Gaming Theme! - Michael S. - 2006-08-07

JesseKB Wrote:Is there a site where i can find themes?

RE: Dark/Gaming Theme! - JesseKB - 2006-08-07

Thanks for replying guys...

Well, the main reason i wanted mybb is i wanted a very simple, yet advanced with so man features an easyto use(Yest such small vile size :-O)

And i wanted it to make a secret forum that i can work on in my spare time away from the main site. without any memebers posting or anything(quite weird, are'nt i not?) lol. anyway, i plan on adding alot of themes and do alot of editing(While staying within the licence agrement) and then have a big forum opening in a few months :-) is where im working on it. nuthing much has been done yet :-P