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AE Theme - Netrosis - 2006-08-07

I've been making a theme for my website, based off my website graphics.

Anyway I thought I'd give a preview of the progress and recieve any feedback from you guys.

My website is called Artificial Entertainment.
I used the MyBB Image GDK to remake the "new thread" "reply" buttons and stuff.

the only thing that annoys me is the white background for text input boxes, and other inputs.

RE: AE Theme - Sodacake - 2006-08-10

Very nice although the shiny images don't go with the plain black background. You should fix those to make them fit better with the theme.

RE: AE Theme - Ryan Ashbrook - 2006-08-11

You can change the color of the Input Boxes in the Theme Manager.

It's labelled "Form Elements (Textboxes, Textareas, Drop-downs, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes)"

Nice, I like the header and the forum border. Smile

RE: AE Theme - Netrosis - 2006-08-11

Yeah, I was looking at that too, I might take those out.

and yeah I changed the colour of them, however the result is not uniform across all browsers/Operating systems.

Its no real big deal anyway.

I also feel the "search, member list.. etc" bit is out of place I'd rather put it down the bottom of the page. Or just as text inside the little user bar, since I'd kinda rather users only had the links to search and so forth.

As for the forum border, its very easy to do. A simple addition to the header/footer code.

RE: AE Theme - Paretje - 2006-08-11

allow this theme on MyBBDesign?

RE: AE Theme - killed - 2006-08-13

uhm. i see it.

Very nice, professional

RE: AE Theme - jetbrains - 2006-08-14

Nice skin,but I don't like black background