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PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - JesseKB - 2006-08-08

Hey all. i came here to chat with other MyBB fans and help people that need it. and while im here i maswel do some free and shamless promotion. i only just uploaded my site about 10-20 minutes ago. - Gaming and General Chat.

No need to register unless you like posting and chatting.

RE: PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - JesseKB - 2006-08-11

ok, sorry for the downtime. well there wasnt downtime i just re-installed the board and forgot to activate it until 24 hours later. i have just installed about 6-8 usefull mods. for forum modderation and administration and also users benifit ones.

I know most people dont joi forums as they arnt active, but im allways checking the boards, every 5 minutes. so im allways available to chat on there. and hey, every board starts somewhere.

RE: PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - sTrEtCh - 2006-08-11

haha who knows how big it may become in the end Smile

RE: PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - SnakEyez - 2006-08-11

Building up a good forum takes time. Trust me I know. My forum is still fairly small, but my gaming site was actually just a Counter Strike server before it started, and getting people from the server to the website is a touch task.

Just a word of advice though, that you may have already considered. Change the theme or at least the colors.

RE: PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - xiaozhu - 2006-08-11

I think the first step, is to design a theme for your ownsite, it would defintely help alot.

RE: PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - JesseKB - 2006-08-12

yeh, im planning on making one shortyl. thanks for the tips.

RE: PIMP Gaming, New Forums! - JesseKB - 2006-08-12

oh, your a designer :-O would you like to make me a theme?