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new bie ... - hitesh2000 - 2012-01-17

hello a new one here, from hack forums i came across this forum.i have programmed some applications in for windows. so i want to ask some question,s i have downloaded mybb so i like the forum idea i want to host
this one on my machine what software you recommend for hosting on windows.
a dual core is enough i think what should be configuration of system and net connection.
hope i have posted on a write place.Smile

RE: new bie ... - Lo. - 2012-01-17

Depends what you want to run it on Wink.

Are you gonna run IIS or Apache? MySQL?

If it's IIS + anything, any windows XP Home server with a 3ghz Pentium four can run around 30 users well. I recommend something beefier, and apache.

RE: new bie ... - hitesh2000 - 2012-01-17

thanks one more question if i want to do some modifications what ide i shoud use i have never code in php. and if it is allowed. and some guidence also needed how much speed and bandwidth.Wink if there is any table i want to try iis and mysql

RE: new bie ... - Lo. - 2012-01-18

MyBB is open source, you can do whatever you want to it.

Speedwise, (assuming you mean upload and download speed) It depends the usuage among other things.

RE: new bie ... - Josh H. - 2012-01-18

I recommend Aptana Studio for an IDE. It is pretty efficient and fast, and has some pretty good debugging and autocompletion.